30% Fee Contract. Waiver of Certain Expenses.
Nothing Owed If No Recovery.

Thank you for contacting the Shields Law Group, LLC.  If you are ready to move forward with your claim to protect your legal interests, we offer you two convenient options.  For both Option 1 and Option 2, please estimate the acres you planted.  We will get proof of production at a later date, if needed.
Option 1. Down load and print off our two page 30% fee contract here:   Complete, sign and either fax or mail it back to us and you are done. We will send you a follow up email letting you know we received it. Estimate your acres planted for now. We get proof of production at a later date.

Kansas Corn Farmer Lawyers New Client Packet


Fax completed contracts toll free to: 1-877-247-9844
Mail completed contracts to:  Shields Law Group, LLC, 12710 S Pflumm Road, Suite 208, Olathe, KS 66062

Option 2. Use our electronic eSignature portal located here to sign your case electronically in 5 minutes or less. Open the page on your computer, type in the information, estimate acres planted, type in your name and agree that is your signature, hit SUBMIT and you are done. You will receive a reply email that your submission has been received. Estimate your acres planted for now. We get proof of production at a later date.

Please notice that we can represent farmers from any state in this national litigation. Not only does our 30% contract guarantee in writing that our farmers will receive 70% of their net proceeds from any future settlement, but additionally, we also agree to not settle your case without your prior approval. We are even agreeing in our contract to waive our firm’s personal expenses incurred representing our farmers!  See our 30% contract here for complete details.

Finally, this is a contingency fee contract. You owe us no money upfront, and if we don’t recover money on your farm’s behalf, then you owe us nothing. Simple as that. Also, we do not need exact bushel production now. Just estimate your corn acres planted and fax or send your contract in now. We will get your case filed and get back to you after the Harvest for more details about your actual production, if needed.